New York Wedding

The chance to have your wedding memories captured by a true professional, for only $950 usd

Hi, my name is Ivan Sterling, wedding photographer. I started 'Profoto', my own photo agency 6 years ago and for the next year I want to cover a few weddings in some special cities.

What I really want, is to give you great pictures of your special day, that also contribute to build my professional portfolio as destination photographer.

For that, I am offering my services at this - incredible - low fee. Basically I just want the traveling expenses to be covered.

This would be a win - win deal.

What do you get?

- The full-day coverage of your wedding at an amazing low cost. You can check pricing for wedding photography. Mostly it is over $3,000 dls!! ( (or just type 'wedding photographer pricing' in Google)
- I will cover all day! From your preparation until the music stops.
- 6 weeks after your wedding, I will send you a DVD with all pictures taken in high resolution, so you will be able to print as many as you want, and in whatever size you want, even larger than 30x20 inches in best quality. Of course, you will be able to share them online too.
- If you want me to print and send something for you (a photobook, an enlargement, etc), of course I can do it, but be aware that it would generate additional charges.

How to apply?

1. Please first check my portfolio on the next link, so you can decide if my style of photography is what you desire for your wedding pictures:
2. Your wedding celebration has to be in New York City.
3. Please fill and send the application form at the end of this page. You have to be the bride or groom applying.
4. If you are elegible, I will let you know before march 15th (or earlier if your wedding is comming soon).
5. You would need to pay the fee to save the date, via Ebay (PayPal) or bank wire transfer. The date limit for the payment will be specified in the e-mail response in case you be elegible.

How do you know this is not a fraud attempt?

I know online frauds are very common nowadays. What I can tell you is that my reputation is on the line. Before you make any payment, you can verify my legitimity by...
- Checking my Facebook page:
- I can give you my personal Facebook profile (by request)
- I can give you my personal cellphone number (which is the same on all my contact information).
- You can check me on the next link, which is a popular local wedding supplier list website (it has costumer reviews):
- I can send you the high resolution file of any picture on my online galeries, so you can verify it was really me who took the picture.
- During my whole career I haven't missed or canceled a single wedding in which I've gotten the compromise to attend. However, if by any means I couldn't attend to cover your wedding, I will let you know as soon as possible, and you will get the 100% of your money back.

Is the fee really $950 dls?

Yes, there won't be any other additional charges of any kind (unless you request prints or any other services than the coverage of your whole wedding day).

More about me...

- I have covered around 150 weddings
- I worked as photographer for Royal Caribbean, shooting onboard portraits (2007-2008)
- I have a degree in communications
- I am a Mexico-based photographer
- English is not my native language but I speak it at a 85%

If you have any question, please contact me:

Hope to hear from you soon 🙂


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